Sunset Chapel, Acapulco

This is the newly completed Sunset Chapel in Acapulco, Mexico. Despite being newly built, it has already gained much attention for its interesting yet different design, which was the work of Esteban and Sebastián Suárez of Mexico City-based BNKR Arquitectura.

The project calls for the chapel to be eventually encircled by a “garden of crypts”, which are to interact with the naked concrete structure itself. The design is specially created with slanted walls and glass so that sunlight will reflect off the surfaces, changing as the day goes by – hence the name Sunset Chapel.

puctures by suarez


The Potential of Street Art

Tapping the creative talents of street artists, illustrators and graphic designers is an effective and cool way to make bland public spaces, old buildings, bridges and car parks new again, and to freshen up the concrete jungle.

 Street artists and muralists bring with them vibrant and a new perspective that architects or designers may not have. This does not mean that millions need to be spent to upgrade the buildings immediately, all you need is vision, courage, local creative talent and some colorful paint like these perfect examples here.

There are way so many ugly, run-down buildings, bridges, tunnels and walkways that can be completely transformed into exciting and fun environments with some creative input.



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funky product design - issue 2

Hope you guys like it! By the way, I own the "zebra" style cup from picture one - always good for a laugh.

Door wedges

A flexible and handy little device, wedging a comma-shaped Stoppy under or between any door or window keeps them in place. Made of weatherproof materials, the stopper works indoors or out and grips almost every type of surface. You can get them at various places such as Bed Bath & Beyond in the US.


Funky Product Design - Issue 1

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Reinventing the to-go water bottle in glass and with a wide mouth

Tkaro's cylindrical glass design not only eliminates the expendable plastic bottle (and the leached taste and BPAs that go with it), but doubles as a cup for a civilized way to stay hydrated on-the-go. The durable glass construction may weigh a little more than other aluminum or plastic reusables out there, but the "pureness of form and material allow the contents of the glass to be visible, assuring no residue and resulting in a continuously clean taste and smell." Its wide-mouth form makes additions like lemon and ice cubes easy and, because it's dishwasher-safe, cleaning is a snap too.

Founded by two Canadian sisters, a former real estate developer and ad salesperson, the pair also had health in mind when they came up with the bottle alternative. It holds about two cups of water, making it compact enough to carry but large enough to really quench thirst.

The Tkaro bottle sells online for $30, or $35 for a custom-engraved version. Go Here


Citroen SURVOLT - Francoise Nielly

This is the Citroen SURVOLT Concept car. It is painted by French artist Francoise Nielly.

The one-of-a-kind vehicle is set to displayed at C42, Citroën's flagship showroom on the Champs-Elysées in Paris, but if your Air France frequent flier miles isn't up to the job just yet, you can take the shorter trip to our own gallery below for a closer look.

 pictures by Laurent Nvalle


Shapeways - Buy & Create unique items

At Shapeways you can order a variety of unique items produced with up to date 3D printing capabilities. That means, designs that are impossible to produce with traditional procedures become available to you.

Now here comes the kicker:
You can send in your designs and have them be printed in various materials. Truly amazing stuff.

check it out at: shapeways.com

All images belong to shapeways.com

Sao Paulo Mansion - MK27

Award-winning, Brazilian-born architect’s Studio MK27 has produced a steady stream of low-rise, boxy work – all with an uncanny intimacy, yet without any of the usual stuffy treatments that supposedly create intimacy.

There are no cozy nooks, no soft furnishings, no homey touches. And yet, there is a feeling of comfort and livability in this art-gallery-of-a-house that makes you want to move in tomorrow.

Most beautifully, they also create the soft play of light that matches the overall linear shapes — created by creases in window treatments, the floor boards, the rows of pillows on long sofas, the stone work outside — continuing the elongated language of the entire building.

all images belong to MK27 Architecture Studio

Stunning Architecture from South Africa - SAOTA

SAOTA is a well-established architectural partnership of South African architects Stefan Antoni, Philip Olmesdahl and Greg Truen. Their international and local projects are characterized by understated luxury and airy clarity.

The company’s interior design arm, Antoni Associates, is led by Mark Rielly and Vanessa Weissenstein, and associates Ashleigh Gilmore and Jon Case. Antoni Associates creates exclusive interiors in South Africa and internationally in cities such as Paris, Moscow, London and Geneva.

all images belong to SAOTA architects