Sunset Chapel, Acapulco

This is the newly completed Sunset Chapel in Acapulco, Mexico. Despite being newly built, it has already gained much attention for its interesting yet different design, which was the work of Esteban and Sebasti├ín Su├írez of Mexico City-based BNKR Arquitectura.

The project calls for the chapel to be eventually encircled by a “garden of crypts”, which are to interact with the naked concrete structure itself. The design is specially created with slanted walls and glass so that sunlight will reflect off the surfaces, changing as the day goes by – hence the name Sunset Chapel.

puctures by suarez


The Potential of Street Art

Tapping the creative talents of street artists, illustrators and graphic designers is an effective and cool way to make bland public spaces, old buildings, bridges and car parks new again, and to freshen up the concrete jungle.

 Street artists and muralists bring with them vibrant and a new perspective that architects or designers may not have. This does not mean that millions need to be spent to upgrade the buildings immediately, all you need is vision, courage, local creative talent and some colorful paint like these perfect examples here.

There are way so many ugly, run-down buildings, bridges, tunnels and walkways that can be completely transformed into exciting and fun environments with some creative input.



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funky product design - issue 2

Hope you guys like it! By the way, I own the "zebra" style cup from picture one - always good for a laugh.

Door wedges

A flexible and handy little device, wedging a comma-shaped Stoppy under or between any door or window keeps them in place. Made of weatherproof materials, the stopper works indoors or out and grips almost every type of surface. You can get them at various places such as Bed Bath & Beyond in the US.