Reinventing the to-go water bottle in glass and with a wide mouth

Tkaro's cylindrical glass design not only eliminates the expendable plastic bottle (and the leached taste and BPAs that go with it), but doubles as a cup for a civilized way to stay hydrated on-the-go. The durable glass construction may weigh a little more than other aluminum or plastic reusables out there, but the "pureness of form and material allow the contents of the glass to be visible, assuring no residue and resulting in a continuously clean taste and smell." Its wide-mouth form makes additions like lemon and ice cubes easy and, because it's dishwasher-safe, cleaning is a snap too.

Founded by two Canadian sisters, a former real estate developer and ad salesperson, the pair also had health in mind when they came up with the bottle alternative. It holds about two cups of water, making it compact enough to carry but large enough to really quench thirst.

The Tkaro bottle sells online for $30, or $35 for a custom-engraved version. Go Here


  1. Why would I buy this? looks nice but what is its use?

  2. @ Wilco
    check this out:

    basically, there will be more and more bacteria on you plastic bottle if you refill it. But mainly it looks cool i guess ;-)