Shapeways - Buy & Create unique items

At Shapeways you can order a variety of unique items produced with up to date 3D printing capabilities. That means, designs that are impossible to produce with traditional procedures become available to you.

Now here comes the kicker:
You can send in your designs and have them be printed in various materials. Truly amazing stuff.

check it out at: shapeways.com

All images belong to shapeways.com


  1. I looked at the website but I do not fully understand how this works. Have you ordered something there yet? I was thinking I could get something cool for my boyfriend's bday maybe.. cute blog btw!

  2. I did not order at this particular website. But i have worked with a similar printer than what they are using, the results are amazing. However, if you have no prior knowledge it might be a little hard to design something from scratch. cheers